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The most recent issue is that of 200+ girls that are allegedly missing. I made use of the word “allegedly because i don’t know the report to believe. Claims and counter claims is all we have to feed on, back and forth we go. I have made possible deductions from the stories so far

1. Some girls were kidnapped and are still held hostage (The numbers keep changing , therefore i can state a figure)

Image2. No girls were kidnapped (Its just an hoax) either politically inclined or a big lie that went viral.


Dissecting the first possible case;                                                                                                                                                                  Its been over three weeks, these are human beings been transported at periodic intervals and yet no one knows where they are. I hope they are rescued soon before the girls and relations are completely traumatized. Please #BringBackOurGirls We need all the assistance that can be rendered and we need it fast.

The second case;

Some group of people probably wanted to make some other group look bad and incompetent and the game blew out of proportion. 

Solution: Those group of not so funny adults should be publicly flogged.