Lets count our blessings and not our wants

Live life stories


Many a times we lust about things that we don’t have but, what about those we posses ?? We dont value those till it lasts with us,its consider as our right. Your heart desires for more and more other stuff.
When we loose it , we realize the actual shine it possesed.
It also happens with things we have got easily-without much efforts. We actually neglect the procedure of those things. We forget that the same possesion would be difficult for other to achieve. If we have struggled to possess it,we handle with care, value those things and relations.
Like wise about success -if you have gained success with less efforts and no failure its normal to you. But ask of success to those people who have repetadely seen the failure.You will listen real stories.

Value what you have now and enjoy it, rather than running to false desires.


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