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Firstly i’d like to tell you (that’s if you don’t know already) that it’s called ‘lagging’ and not hanging. That said, we at FathomBerry are always making sure our readers and followers always get the best from whatever BlackBerry devices they have. So we are going to tell you why your BlackBerry lags and how you can manage or even stop it. We all hate the spinning hour-glass and the ‘clock’ now don’t we??!!

Back then, when the Bold 9900 (Bold5) was released it was generally recognised as one of the best phones BlackBerry ever made. It (9900) received a very huge welcome not until users started complaining about lagging on the device, this went on till some people were even discouraged from buying the device, but if you still have yours we are going to show you how you can stop or manage this lagging of a thing on

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