Rose is red

violet is blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you – (Chico Marx) horse feathers 

Let’s be honest, there are different colours of roses besides red and i don’t know who decided that violets are blue. Maybe someone didn’t teach me colours. For the sake of valentine, I’d let it slide. In this atmosphere of love, there seem to be some tension and expectations (for the ladies, receipts of gifts e.g cards,flowers, cars, marriage and e.t.c  and for the fellas,time to pay… Not a favourite day for all guys except you are Dangote or Bill Gates and the likes.  Can we do this one a bit interestingly? something like turn the tables… Ladies give, Fellas receive. I’d lead this special valentine by stating my preferred gift. A Bentley would do just fine to ask the least. Happy valentine week.


P.S Celebrate smartly, Have fun and be careful. Cheers!!!