Is this all there is to life? Alive one moment and Out the other. It got me thinking…. how we shed tears for someone or some people we lose to the cold hands of death. and it dawned on me that someday it will be about us, the gathering of relatives, the condolences, the publicity (famous at death), the crying e.t.c So I delved further into that sea of thought, would there be a reunion? Is it guaranteed? or it’s just a form of pacifying or consoling the ones that are left behind; the brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, husband, wife, and so on. If we can have a sure knowledge of the possible destination of the graduates of this life, yes, you read that, GRADUATES! Whether brilliant or less, tall or short, fair or dark, rich or poor, male or female, there is a graduation date and we know not the time table. We’ll number our days and chase not after the frivolities if life. I don’t mean to scare you but I hope i pass this message. “Live every day so you can don your cap happily on your passing out.”  In Loving memory of Olubu Adeyemo (fondly called Alhaja)196* – 2012