All we’ve got is 24 hours.

How often have I told myself that the reason for not blogging is time? Have you ever told yourself that the reason for not doing or taking up a task is time? Have you ever wanted to take up a job but complain there isn’t time? Like it’s possible to get a 24 hours + (Bonus). Time is a universal currency. It applies to all irrespective of your status, class ,, position, location, race, e.t.c  We all prioritize the activities that we do in every 24 hours. Choosing to do nothing all day is still a choice. How often do we spend much time on the important but not pertinent things? Maybe we need to check within. We can’t change the time allotted to us but we can change.

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All we’ve got is 24 hours, Let’s make the most of it.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ~ Mother Teresa

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Mother Teresa

The Missing onion

I was adding sauce when i noticed the bulb of onion wasn’t completely diced into the meal, I searched around the cooking table but gave up searching a little later for the remaining portion. Some minutes later while stirring the meal, I noticed a quarter of the onion. Voila, there it was in the meal while i was busy searching elsewhewre.

Moral of story: Sometimes what you need is right within you, Keep calm and search.


The Delight of Fatherhood


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The joy of a journey is not just derived from the travel but also in arriving at the set destination. Some months back was the start of the most amazing phase of my life thus far. I didn’t undertake the training but Life was fair to me. I learnt with each passing day, l sourced info from Google, “What to expect when you expecting and every information that was deemed useful. She (My amazing and blessed wife) wasn’t the only one pregnant, I was almost as pregnant. There were times when I felt jealous, happy, anxious, calm and so on. I’d watch my wife’s belly grow week by week.

I recall the first time I listened to her heart beat via an ultrasound, *Smiles. and the first thump or kick that i felt was heavenly and i never got tired of the kicks and movement. I’d imagine all kinds of faces that could be. And when the Scan revealed we were expecting a female, I asked the sonologist to be certain. Because I was almost sure it was a boy (If you ask, I’d say gut feeling and assumptions). You have no idea how much I saw us riding out together, shooting basketball and some really male stuff like the brother i never had. Couldn’t get over the twist for days but in time I appreciated it more.

I’d not tell you about the tactics I applied to get the baby’s attention while she was on the womb. Okay, I’d tell you just one, Played music at times to get her reactions (sometimes sudden loud music though).

Fast forward to the D-Day(16th of July, 2014), the most amazing day of my life. After contractions had started the night before, drove down to the Hospital though the travel time was delayed by traffic and  electrical fault in the car., We arrived at the hospital at 9 am. She was already about 3 mins intervals in contraction. By 11:31 am, my beloved daughter, the most anticipated person, gift from God, bundle of Joy, her royal cuteness was birthed. *Sighs
I give all glory to God. Rom 9:16 Therefore, God’s choice does not depend on a person’s will or effort, but on God himself, who shows mercy. (International Standard version)

Isn't she awesome? am in awe of God.

Isn’t she awesome? am in awe of God.

LeBron’s next decision defines him

Make or Make better , King James a living Legend | Hang Time Blog

[nba-video vid=channels/nba_tv/2014/06/19/]
VIDEO:Pat Riley talks about LeBron’s free-agency

Pat Riley is right.

Now it’s about looking back and looking ahead.

Let LeBron James go away on vacation, confer with his wife and the rest of his family and friends. Then remember just how far he’s come.

Not just from the prodigy of Akron to king of the basketball world in Miami.

But from July 2010 to now. From those first days after the ill-fated, ill-thought “Decision,” to  his current place where the respect has come, albeit grudgingly.

As long as he laces up his sneakers and snaps on that headband, there will always be that part of the public that will never give him his due.

They are the segment of fandom that will never get over a Sports Illustrated cover that made him “The Chosen One.” Hyped up and pre-packaged is always a difficult bar to clearn.


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Heat seek to join ‘three-peat’ history

Heat poised to join legends | Hang Time Blog


It is a familiar part of the lexicon now, one used to distinguish the greatest of our sports champions.

A term coined by Byron Scott in 1988 and trade-marked by Pat Riley, it slides across the tongue as smooth as a scoop of ice cream and defines a dynasty as readily as a crown atop a monarch’s head.

But there is nothing at all easy about the three-peat.

When LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the rest of the Heat take the court Thursday night, they’ll be attempting to become only the sixth team in NBA history to go back-to-back-to-back as champs.

Here’s a look at Fab Five:

Minneapolis Lakers (1952-54)

“Geo Mikan vs. Knicks.” That was the message on the marquee outside Madison Square Garden on Dec. 14, 1949. It succinctly said everything that you needed to know about George Mikan, the man who

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Bench shooters giving Heat a lift

You can only make shots that you attempt | Hang Time Blog

By John Schuhmann,

[nba-video vid=channels/playoffs/2014/05/21/]
VIDEO:Through the Lens: Heat vs. Pacers, Game 2

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Shooting is important in the game of basketball. (This is not breaking news, by the way.)

Not only do good shooters put the ball in the basket at a higher rate than bad shooters, but their presence on the floor typically provides spacing for their teammates looking to score in the paint.

To see the importance of shooting, you only need to see the Miami Heat’s numbers with Ray Allen and/or James Jones on the floor in the playoffs.

In 328 minutes with at least one of the two veteran bombers on the floor, the Heat have scored more than 120 points per 100 possessions. That’s 14 percent better than the the league average in the postseason (105.6).

In 200 minutes with neither on the floor, the Heat have scored…

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Life is a Journey.


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You set out on a  journey and halfway through your journey, you encounter an (5) Would you turn back or continue your quest? Life is a journey with a finite destination. Obstacles/hurdles/hindrances are real, what you do to them is what sets you apart! People’s action and natural occurrences aren’t  within your control but your reaction is entirely your choice. You shall finish strong!